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Spider Man Movie Review

Movie Mark gives Spider Man: Far From Home an 8/10.

Avengers: End Game was a fantastic and epic finale to Marvel’s 22 film, 11-year saga involving all our favourite superheroes. The comic book movie world has been changed forever which sets a very high bar for any new episodes that follow. Spiderman: Far From Home has the daunting honour of being the first Marvel movie released after Thanos and co. have departed and sets up the world where everyone, previously gone, have been snapped back into existence. Fortunately for us, the latest outing from Spidey tackles that responsibility head on and delivers another thrilling, fun and visually stunning adventure.

For the benefit of anyone who may not yet have seen End Game, spoilers await as Far From Home opens with a fitting homage to Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow. Haunted by the loss of his mentor, Tony Stark’s demise poor Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is looking forward to a break from his heroism as he and his friends head to Europe on Summer vacation – just the opportunity to declare his feelings to MJ (Zendaya). Inevitably, things don’t go to plan with the arrival of mysterious Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal) AKA Mysterio, from an alternative Earth as he’s hunting creatures known as The Elementals who have decimated his home planet.

Enter Nick Fury (the always reliable Samuel L Jackson) who hijacks Peter’s school trip, recruiting Spidey to assist Mysterio in taking down the creatures. All the while Peter’s wrestling with the role of stepping into Tony Stark’s impossibly big shoes and questions what sort of hero he wants to be.

All the cast members are on top form, especially Gyllenhaal who relishes the role of Mysterio and partners with Peter with great results. Whilst facing a threat we haven’t yet seen in the Marvel Universe, director John Watts takes full advantage of Spider-Man being the most acrobatic Avenger with a dazzling display of flips and tricks in the climatic London finale. The humour doesn’t always land successfully but what is refreshing about Far From Home is that it never loses touch with the teens on vacation theme and reminds us that Peter is still just a 16-year-old boy chasing his dream girl.

Whilst Far From Home doesn’t hit the heights of its predecessor, Homecoming, it’s a worthy follow up and essential for all Marvel fans. Be sure to stay around for the mid-credits scene that will have huge ramifications in the future – but, given this is a Marvel movie, do we really expect anything else?

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